Waste Heat Recovery Design Online Training

This comprehensive course provides in-depth insight into cycle analysis and turbine engineering, starting from general discussions of energy systems and opportunities for waste heat recovery and ending with complete design of flow path and 3D blades for the turbine with attachments.

Comprehensive course program includes more than 20 hours of lectures on theoretical design of waste heat recovery systems and actual design process explanations for the cycle and the turbine component.

The goal of this course is to provide engineers with a better understanding of waste heat recovery systems; what they are, how they can be used and useful and how to design and optimize them to provide a greener way to convert energy.

This course will familiarize attendees with the basics of waste heat recovery thermodynamic cycles as well as axial and radial turbines. The program will start with a theoretical overview of WHR cycles, turbine thermodynamics, gas dynamics, aerodynamic of both axial and radial turbines, and end with typical examples implementing the suggested procedures. Each training section contains a quiz to ensure the information is understood and can be effectively applied to engineering challenges.

In addition to the course contents, all registrants will receive an EDU software trial license to supplement the subject matter.

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Waste Heat Recovery Design Online Training
  • Introduction to Waste Heat Recovery, Cycles, AxCYCLE, and Steam Turbines
  • Fundamentals of Turbine Design and Introduction to Preliminary Design
  • Turbine Analysis and Optimization
  • 3D Blade Design
  • FEA, CFD, Import of Existing Designs, and Fluid Designer