Axial Compressor Design Workshop

Understanding the fundamentals of compressor design, is of course very important. But quite often, understanding the right methodology to apply those fundamentals, and finding the right set of tools to use for the compressor design, analysis and optimization, is even more crucial.

In this axial compressor workshop, attendees will learn about the different phases of designing, analyzing, optimization and reverse engineering an axial compressor. This process includes preliminary design, detailed analysis, blade profiling and 3D analyses, all using the AxSTREAM software, and will be covered in several sessions.

All paid registrants will receive a trial software license of AxSTREAM EDU to supplement the subject matter.

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Axial Compressor Design Workshop
  • Preliminary design
  • Meanline and streamline calculations
  • Reverse engineering with AxSLICE
  • Profiling and blade design
  • 3D FEA with AxSTRESS
  • 3D CFD with AxCFD