API Standards In Rotor Dynamics Seminar

The main goal of this seminar is to provide consultants, equipment owners, operators, vibration analysts, condition monitoring and maintenance personnel with an understanding of API Standards, procedures, and acceptance criteria. It also covers mandatory analysis types that should be performed, requirements for equivalent rotor dynamics model development, machine design features and effects that should be accounted for in accordance with API. Additionally, the applicability and specifics of different API standards (API 611, 612, 617, 541, 546, 610, 613, 673, and 684) for different machine types is explored.

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API Standards In Rotor Dynamics Seminar
  • Topic Introduction
  • Standards for Rotor Dynamics/API Standards
  • Rotor Dynamics Basic Definitions
  • Purposes and Objectives
  • Rotor-Bearing System Modeling
  • Rotor Dynamics Analysis Procedure
  • Lateral Rotor Dynamics
  • Torsional Rotor Dynamics
  • Rotor Dynamics Reports and Deliverables