Axial & Centrifugal Pumps Design Workshop

This workshop covers the software portion of the Axial & Centrifugal Pumps Design Online Training. Engineers will be guided through different examples of complete pump design using AxSTREAM® - starting from preliminary design and branching out to 3D analyses (CFD & FEA), meanline calculations, reviewing of cavitation parameters, and more.

The course enables the attendee to understand the main parameters involved in efficient design and operation of hydraulic pumps. In depth discussion, of the issues related to pump operation with the mechanisms responsible for the same, is provided and the remedies are explained thoroughly. The programme includes the hands on training on SoftInWay’s hydraulic machine design suit AxSTREAM Hydro. It is comprehensively demonstrated how a new hydraulic machine can be designed from scratch and optimized within AxSTREAMTM suit. In addition to that, detailed methodology is explained with several examples to perform a full CFD and Structural analysis integrally within AxSTREAM.

In addition to the course contents, all registrants will receive a trial software license of AxSTREAM to supplement the subject matter. Students will be able to follow along to the practical exercises detailed throughout the video course.

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Axial & Centrifugal Pumps Design Workshop
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