Axial Turbine Workshop

This workshop covers the software portion of the Axial Turbine Design Online Training and will guide students through the full design, analysis, redesign and optimization of axial turbines for any working fluid using the AxSTREAM® platform. The program will start with preliminary design before moving on to meanline and streamline calculations, blade profiling and stacking, geometry import, to finish with 3D FEA and 3D CFD analyses.

In addition to the course contents, all registrants will receive a trial software license of AxSTREAM EDU to supplement the subject matter.

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Please note, the self-paced video courses offered on SoftInWay Turbomachinery University are intended solely for educational purposes.

Although the videos portray the full commercial license to demonstrate comprehensively the features available, the provided educational version of the software is intended as a learning tool and not for commercial applications or projects. For a list of educational restrictions, please refer to this page. Additionally, tutorials can be found here, which also describe software features and educational restrictions

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Axial Turbine Workshop
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