AxCYCLE™ Thermodynamic Cycle Design Online Training

This comprehensive course includes several hours of videos featuring software demonstrations and explanations related to the design, analysis and optimization of thermodynamic cycles using AxCYCLE™. Course topics include gas turbine/supercritical CO2 (Brayton) cycles, steam cycles, combined cycles, refrigeration cycles, ORC, and waste heat recovery systems.

This course is broken down into different sections and chapters with quizzes at the end of each video (about 30 minutes) to ensure the knowledge presented has been understood, retained and can be effectively applied to engineering challenges.

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AxCYCLE™ Thermodynamic Cycle Design Online Training
  • Introduction to AxCYCLE™
  • Simulation of simple cycles and troubleshooting
  • Post processing capabilities of AxCYCLE™
  • Simulation of complex steam and gas turbine power plants
  • Design and off-design studies of aviation gas turbines
  • Combined cycle simulation
  • Design and analysis of specialized cycles such as ORC cycles, Supercritical CO2 cycles, Refrigeration cycles etc.