Axial Turbine Design Online Training

Comprehensive course program includes 24 hours of lectures (theoretical overview, practical exercises and home task reviews) and consultation (Q&A sessions).

The goal of this course is to provide engineers with a better understanding of steam and gas turbines and help them find new, more accurate, cost-saving solutions through successful axial turbine design and operation tasks.

This course will familiarize attendees with the basics of steam and gas turbine design. The program will start with a theoretical overview of turbine thermodynamics, gas dynamics and structural analysis, and end with typical examples implementing the suggested procedures. The program includes SoftInWay’s Axial Turbine Fundamentals course supported by numerous examples and more intensive study of turbine design. Thus each training section contains exercises to ensure the information is understood and can be effectively applied to engineering challenges.

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Axial Turbine Design Online Training
  • Steam and gas turbine designs – fundamental turbine stage parameters
  • Initial turbine sizing – multistage turbines
  • Turbine optimization and detailed design
  • Profiling
  • Blade design
  • Tertiary components
  • Turbine retrofitting