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SoftInWay is pleased to offer STU users AxSTREAM EDU™, which will allow you to perform the functions you will see demonstrated in your courses! Follow along to refine your skills.


AxSTREAM EDU™ is a powerful software suite that enables STU (SoftInWay Turbomachinery University) users to validate course theory and gain practical skills. It allows users to explore the main steps of real flow path design processes and experience “live” interactions between flow path parameters and blade shapes. The convenient and intelligent interface allows course-takers to test all variants and provides the ability to check thousands of cases in minutes to identify suitable sets of design parameters for each stage of design.

AxSTREAM EDU™ supports a “learn as you go” progression that aids users in understanding the overall design and performance principles of turbomachinery through the same fully- interactive AxSTREAM™ commercial program used by industrial customers. The educational version is configured to be easily integrated into the online courses.

AxSTREAM EDU™ is available for download for 200 USD per month with the purchase of a course. This extreme discount is only available for STU registered university students who are actively taking STU courses.

A three month course ($100/month) and three month AxSTREAM EDU subscription totals to $900. AxSTREAM EDU licenses alone are typically 7 times this total price!


The AxCYCLE™ software was designed for the thermodynamic simulation and heat balance calculation of heat production and electric energy cycles. It allows users to design, analyze, and optimize thermodynamic cycles quickly and efficiently. AxCYCLE™ can be applied and practiced with all of our courses for turbomachinery design, including Axial Turbine Design, Radial Turbine Design, and Centrifugal Compressor Design. We also offer a course that exclusively uses AxCYCLE™ for Heat Balance Calculation.


AxSTREAM NET EDU™ is a 1D system modeling solver based on finite volume method that uses a thermal-fluid network approach to simulate secondary flows and heat transfer at steady and unsteady (transient) conditions. AxSTREAM NET™ can be applied to and practiced with our AxSTREAM NET™ Self-Paced Online Training.

AxSTREAM NET EDU™ is available to download for USD 200 per month with the purchase of a course.

AxSTREAM RotorDynamics EDU™

The AxSTREAM RotorDynamics EDU™ software allows users to explore the structural side of rotor-bearing systems, including turbomachinery design and analysis, covering bearing characteristics, rotor imbalance and general excitation, critical speeds and whirl frequencies, and much more. AxSTREAM RotorDynamics™ can be applied to and practiced with our Rotor Dynamics Self-Paced Online Training.

AxSTREAM RotorDynamics EDU™ is available to download for USD 200 per month with the purchase of a course.

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